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Change Your Life With Training At Xtreme Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing & Kids Karate Today!

We are Bucks County Wrestling Academy BCWA Wrestling Team, and the Founder  of "WINS"® Wrestling Intensive No Excuse Strength Systems.

Serving the Warrington and Warminster areas with a brand new location in Telford!, our students of all ages agree that getting in shape has never been so fun! Our high-energy classes provide something exciting every week, and our students look forward to each and every day of training at X-Treme Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate.

We offer high-quality martial arts training with the finest instructors you'll find anywhere. Our settings are comfortable and professional, and our state-of-the-art training center provides a wide, roomy space for you to learn important self-defense techniques. With programs and classes designed to improve your fitness, teach you skills and give you a great time doing it, we encourage you to learn and grow at your pace! Our programs truly have no equal in the area.

Our instructors welcome men, women and children of all skill levels, fitness levels and ages. In addition to providing the space for high-energy group classes, our instructors work with each student in the class to make sure that individual fitness goals are being met. We guarantee one thing - that you will get in shape, learn martial arts and have tons of fun doing it! Our system of self-defense includes:

  • A solid foundation of practical elements
  • Tactical techniques for getting out of bad situations
  • Linear, achievement-based curriculum for quick growth and understanding
  • Real world, "on the streets" based instruction in self-defense
Fitness Is Our Ultimate Goal

In addition to teaching martial arts skills, we provide a top-notch, highly effective fitness program to help you lose weight, build strength and get in the best shape of your life! Our courses include fitness elements like:
  • Warm-up and conditioning routines
  • Stretches and flexibility training
  • Aerobic, cardiovascular instruction to help you burn calories
  • Muscle building exercises
  • Whole body training
Our whole body approach is geared toward helping our students develop their inner and outer selves. We believe in helping you become a complete martial arts master, from the inner qualities of self-confidence to the outer expertise in self-defense. We want you to develop physical, emotional and mental strength to meet all the situations and needs that occur in your life with courage, skill and fortitude. Our dream is to help all of our students become true champions both inside and outside the training center.

Courses Are Ideal For Adults And Kids With Busy Lives

We work hard to schedule our classes into your busy schedule. Many classes are offered at a variety of times throughout the week for people of different skill levels and ages. Our kids' and adults' classes will fit nicely into your leisure time.

Additionally, we offer a wide variety of extra programs for students and walk-in individuals interested in martial arts. These programs include:
  • Special self-defense workshops
  • Bully-proof seminars for kids
  • Family nights and meet-and-greets
Our martial arts courses provide training in MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestlging in addition to elements from other practices. We are sure that you will find the whole experience well rounded, invigorating and rewarding!

Our Staff Provides Expert Instruction With Passion And Fun

Each member of our instructional team is well-versed in professional development and is an expert with our curriculum. They are all passionate about learning and teaching martial arts. Their excitement for the practice is infectious, and we guarantee that they will help you become the best you can be.

Our instructors provide life skills training through their martial arts teaching. Core values such as courtesy, discipline, integrity and respect are central to our curriculum, and we encourage our students to take these lessons out of the dojo and into the rest of their lives.

Want To Give Us A Try?

Visit our location today and observe a class, speak to an instructor and sign up! You can also give us a call at Warminster 215-480-7831 or Telford 215-480-7831 for more information. We offer a Trial Program if you want to be absolutely certain. It is 100 percent risk free. Contact us today!


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X-Treme Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, Wrestling & Kids Karate
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